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Sunday Service
10 a.m Livestream 

9077 W. Alameda Avenue, Lakewood, CO 80226
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Two-Week Sunday Series: Amplified Personal Power

Sun., Aug. 2

Amplified Trust

with Michelle Medrano

Featuring a conversation about recovery with Dr. Ras Smith and Rev. Carol Wilke.

How much do you trust God? How much do you trust yourself and others? Greater power and security can be yours when you live in a state of trust.

Music: Jennifer Burnett and the Mile Hi Band


Sun., Aug. 9

Amplified Accountability

with Michelle Medrano

Featuring a conversation with visionary career coach, Tama Kieves.

You might not understand why certain things happened or continue to happen to you, but being accountable for your life unleashes great personal power for transformation.

Music: Guest artist, Sheryl Renee and the Mile Hi Band

Sun., Aug. 16

A Million Choices

with Josh Reeves

If you had a million choices to invest in the accomplishment of one thing, what would it be? With that many choices to create what you want, it’s hard not to imagine making significant progress in the realization of your desire.

Music: Jennifer Burnett and the Mile Hi Band

Sun., Aug. 23

Rebuilding Community

with Barry Ebert

Since we've been in isolation, we realize how much we miss being in community together. What kind of communities will we create moving into the next chapter of life?  

Music: Thom Lich and the Mile Hi Band

Sun., Aug. 30

The Incredible Creative Power of No

with Josh Reeves

Many of us are yes people, but perhaps we could benefit by better utilizing the word no. With the right clarity and intention, no can be a powerful and creative affirmation.  

Music: Jennifer Burnett and the Mile Hi Band