We envision an online community of individuals supported and connected through Mile Hi Church, and together learning and contributing to a deepening of spiritual awareness and making the world a better place for all.


We support individuals in the exploration and deepening of their spiritual path by creating opportunities for them to engage with Mile Hi Church and the Science of Mind and Spirit principles regardless of their geographic location. 


Rev. Simon Shadowlight
Assistant Minister

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Rev. Simon Shadowlight

Assistant Minister

Rev. Simon Shadowlight and his family (wife Kristin, son Zach, and daughter Sarah) have been part of the Mile Hi community since 2004. Simon became a practitioner at Mile Hi Church and then entered ministerial school. During this time he began working as the Director of Online Ministry and has been a primary supporter and proponent of “getting this teaching out there” via our Sunday service broadcast and the development of online courses. Rev. Simon brings years of experience as a corporate trainer and is passionate about helping others apply these teachings to real life. Rev. Simon has a bachelor’s degree from the University of Oregon (though he is a Colorado native) and a master’s degree from Colorado University-Denver (in online education). He is a member of the Center’s for Spiritual Living online teaching team and serves on the curriculum development subcommittee.

Mile Hi Online Ministry; Men's Ministry; Interfaith/Multicultural (I AM) Ministry

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If you live at a distance from Mile Hi Church, and/or are unable to join us for the "in-person" membership program, we invite you to become a 'distance member'. Certain restrictions apply. Call or email Guest and Member Services at 720-974-2231 or gms@milehichurch.org for more information.

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You can connect with others online through our small group connection. The groups generally meet once or twice a month online or by phone. Supported by a trained facilitator, groups meet for conversations, clarification of Sunday messages and general Science of Mind discussions. Contact Guest and Member Services at gms@milehichurch.org for more information.

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Spiritual Mind Treatment – affirmative prayer – uses the Power of Universal Mind to bring changes in your daily life. There is a Power for Good which anyone can use anytime, anywhere. You can make affirmative use of this healing energy within you now. Often in response to affirmative prayer, you may realize changes for good in every area of your life. Countless lives have been changed by the power of prayer. You are invited to open your life to this healing and prospering action.


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