Mile Hi Interfaith

Mile Hi Church believes as sisters and brothers of every faith and culture, we learn from each other, and peace in our world expands. We provide many opportunities to break down barriers, learn from one another and form friendship.

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Our Vision

A world that peacefully honors and embraces all people and spiritual paths.

Our Mission

We raise conscious awareness by creating conversations and facilitating understanding across religious and cultural traditions through education, outreach, interfaith events and service opportunities.


Rev. Simon Shadowlight
Associate Minister

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Rev. Simon Shadowlight

Associate Minister

Rev. Simon Shadowlight and his family (wife Kristin, son Zach, and daughter Sarah) have been part of the Mile Hi community since 2004. Simon became a practitioner at Mile Hi Church and then entered ministerial school. During this time he began working as the Director of Online Ministry and has been a primary supporter and proponent of “getting this teaching out there” via our Sunday service broadcast and the development of online courses. Rev. Simon brings years of experience as a corporate trainer and is passionate about helping others apply these teachings to real life. Rev. Simon has a bachelor’s degree from the University of Oregon (though he is a Colorado native) and a master’s degree from Colorado University-Denver (in online education). He is a member of the Center’s for Spiritual Living online teaching team and serves on the curriculum development subcommittee.

Mile Hi Online Ministry; Men's Ministry; Interfaith (I AM) Ministry

I AM in the News

Meals for Those In Need

A Day of Feeding the Homeless and Hungry

Colorado Sikhs and Mile Hi Church partner in an open Langar (free Indian Meal) at Civic Center Park.
Interfaith communities across the Denver metro area gathered to share a meal together and feed hundreds of Denvers homeless and hungry.

Mile Hi Church and the Colorado Sikhs Make History

Mile Hi Church hosted the first full Sikh service in North America to be held within church walls.

Prayer Vigil at the Denver Mosque

Thank you to everyone who supported the Candelight Prayer Vigil at the Denver Mosque. Together we stood for peace. (click the links below for the news


The Interfaith (I AM) Ministry Team

Mile Hi Interfaith has over 350 members and is focused on these four areas:

The Peace Crane Project – Our recognition of peace in our times. Origami cranes are created for sharing spiritual healing energy with communities and congregants.

– SEVA means selfless service. SEVA is simply about saying yes to helping. It can be as simple as holding a door open for someone or as grand as participating in large-scale service projects. It can look like random acts of kindness. SEVA begins as a personal commitment to being a vehicle for the expression of selfless compassion.

– Education is actively involved in our field trips like candlelight vigils, visits to other communities and managing the education tables in the Sanctuary lobby before and after each interfaith service or event.

– Work with Mile Hi Interfaith on our grass roots efforts, research and outreach.

Practitioners are invited to represent the practitioner core during Mile Hi interfaith services and events.


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Past services include Sufism, Celtic, Gospel, Sikhism, Jewish Mysticism, inclusive Christianity and Islam.

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