Sunday Morning Services

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About our Contemplative service:

We tried it. You loved it.

Due to the overwhelming participation and interest in our Sunday Contemplative service, we will continue this new format at our noon services. Join us for message highlights, gentle music, meditation and prayer as you experience a depth of inner empowerment and awareness.

Sunday Morning Service Times
Celebration Services: 8 & 10 a.m.
Contemplative Service: Noon

Youth classes and child care available for all ages.
Sign Language Interpretation at the 10 a.m. service.
Spanish Language Interpretation at the 10 a.m. service. Please bring your cellphone and earbuds.

Location: 9077 W Alameda Ave, Lakewood, CO 80226
Phone: 303-237-8851



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Sunday, April 29

A Forgotten Key for Dynamic Growth

Music: The Mile Hi Choir, Thom Lich
and the Mile Hi Band

Why do we sometimes retreat from growth? There's a specific key that has been forgotten. Join Dr. Roger on Sunday and reactivate this life-changing catalyst for true and lasting growth.

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Sunday, April 22

A Voice in the Crowd

Music: Anne Achenbach and the Mile Hi Band

Is the dominant voice in your life one that guides and uplifts or criticizes filling you with doubt? There's a voice available to hear and heed that declares our grandest truth always cheering us on!

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Sunday, April 15

Youth Sunday Service: Just One Heart

Music: Children and Youth Choirs and soloists, Thom Lich and the Mile Hi Band

When we look at the big problems of the world, it seems like there’s not much one person can do to make a difference. But that’s not true! Each of us has a gift to bring. When we give from our hearts, other hearts will respond in kind.
Join us on Sunday when our younger generation shares their talents and dedication at this special service!

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Sunday, April 8

Taking Back the River

Music: Jennifer Burnett and the Mile Hi Band

Out of the ancient belly of wisdom beyond religion flows rivers of spiritual life. Step into the waters of greater understanding and experience the fullness of a soulful life.

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2018 Season of Spring Renewal

The Resurrection of Heart

We are in awareness that last year was a very challenging time for many people, both locally and globally. We may feel ready to shed some of that heavy energy and to hit the reset button.
This year’s Spring Renewal series allows for that. We no longer have to carry a heavy heart. There is always a chance to make a new choice and allow love to enter our hearts and release any heavy burdens from the past.

This is a great time to bring a friend, or two, while receiving the gift of spiritual renewal during these troubled times.

Mar. 11: The Martyrdom of Heart
Music: The Mile Hi Choir, Jennifer Burnett and the Mile Hi Band
Mar. 18: The Miracles of Heart
Music: Guest artist Kenny Moten and the Mile Hi Band
Mar. 25: The Mission of Heart
Music: Guest artist Hazel Miller and the Mile Hi Band
Apr. 1: Easter: The Resurrection of Heart
Music: Guest artists Gianna Neathammer and Troy Horne, Mile Hi Choir, Youth Ensemble, Jennifer Burnett, Thom Lich, Mile Hi Brass Trio and the Mile Hi Band

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Back to Basics Series

Rising Above!
Spiritual Basics for Toxic, Troubling Times

This six-part series — our most in-depth and timely ever — provides an opportunity for those new to the teachings of Science of Mind and Spirit as well as those of us who have been practicing the principles for decades to get “back to the basics” and to reignite their faith!

Part 1: Rising Above Divisiveness & Strife

Part 2: Rising Above the B.S.
Part 3: Rising Above Hopelessness
Part 4: Rising Above Unworthiness
Part 5: Rising Above Scarcity
Part 6: Rising Above Cynicism & Hate

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