Our Vision

We inspire and serve our local and global community in spiritual evolution. We support individuals in their personal growth and spiritual transformation.

Our Mission

To serve the principle of living “Oneness” compassionately and to honor inclusivity and diversity. We promote self-sufficiency and a higher quality of life.


Rev. Joshua Reeves
Associate Minister
Make-a-Difference Ministry

Make-a-Difference Ministry

Make-a-Difference Team

We are grateful and honored that you are called to serve our community through this ministry. The Make-a-Difference team is dedicated to compassionately serve our world. We work with several agencies throughout the community, including The Action Center, Lumberg Elementary School and Habitat for Humanity.

Congregants have opportunities to help in community projects at various times of the year. Please check back here periodically for the latest programs that are unfolding, and join us at one of our next planning meetings from 5:30 - 6:30 p.m. on the fourth Tuesday of the month in the Sanctuary Production Room. 

For more information, please email makeadifference@milehichurch.org.

Monthly Make-A-Difference Ministry Meeting

Fourth Tuesday of the month, 6 – 7 p.m., Sanctuary Production Room

Contact the Make-a-Difference Ministry at 720-974-2235 or makeadifference@milehichurch.org.

Make a difference in the lives of one or two low-income students by being a volunteer in the Lumberg Reading Club. You don’t need to be a reading specialist to help. The students in the club just need practice reading and help with improving their vocabulary. It requires meeting with your students for an hour twice a week. Last year’s program was a huge success!

Starts late September through May

More than 90% of the families who we support through the food drive are struggling financially. 

Proceeds benefit students and families of Lumberg Elementary, five other economically challenged schools, and the residents of Edgewater Senior Center.

Nov. 11, 2018

Turning pumpkins into homes. Through October, we sell pumpkins on the corner of Alameda and Garrison with all proceeds going to Habitat for Humanity of Metro Denver. In addition to purchasing your pumpkins here, we have a lot of opportunities for you to volunteer your time since this is a month long event.

October 2018

Last year, the Mile Hi congregation donated more than 1,500 gifts and coats to children and families in need through our Giving Trees!

These are a few of the organizations we support: 

  • Lumberg Elementary School
  • Child Rescue Foundation
  • Rosebud Reservation

Visit our beautiful trees in the Sanctuary lobby, grab a tag and know that your donations will be going to a great cause!

Nov. – Dec. 2018

The Make-A-Difference Ministry teams up with The Action Center to help the hundreds of families in need that they see each day. Last year, they were experiencing a serious shortage of TP and asked for our loving contributions. As a Mile Hi community, we contributed 25,000 rolls of toilet paper which would be 25,000,000 million sheets of TP! We also raised $600 in cash.

This year, we are supporting The Action Center through our Feminine Products Drive. Many mothers and teenaged girls who visit the center are in great need of feminine hygiene/personal care products. Sadly many women go without simple and costly necessities to help them thrive. Our drive will help make a dent in this important cause!

Feb. 2019

The Make-A-Difference Ministry heads up this wonderful annual Easter event. You can honor a loved one and at the same time, help decorate our beautiful sanctuary for Easter by purchasing an Easter plant in memory of a loved one who has moved into the greater beyond, or simply honor someone who holds a special place in your heart. All proceeds assist local economically challenged kids by providing nutritional lunches through a summer lunch program sponsored by the organization, Denver Kids.

Easter Season

Mile Hi Church will be creating blessing bags to support those in need in the greater Denver area. These bags will be given to local community service organizations, and can also be kept by congregants to give when they meet someone in need. We are collecting sanitizing wipes, shampoo, tampons, lotion, razors, shaving cream, toothpaste, hand sanitizer, chewy snack bars, mouthwash, and sunscreen.

Help The Action Center by providing school supplies for the low income students in Jefferson County. Our intention is to provide for 500 students.

Summer 2019