Our Mission

“Conscious Service: Path of the Soul”
Through conscious service, we experience opportunities for spiritual growth, deeper purpose and a greater embodiment of community.

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Rev. Josh Reeves
Lead Minister

Volunteer at Mile Hi Church!

Ministry of Service

Who We Are

Our Ministry of Service team members play an essential role in the life and experience of our wonderful church community.

We refer to it as a ministry of sacred service because it:

  • supports our natural desire to give and be generous
  • allows us to give time and energy to a place we support and love
  • gives us a chance to meet and connect with others
  • supports Mile Hi Church to continue to thrive
  • helps us to grow and transform through the selfless spiritual practice of service

Ministry of Service Teams

Do you have an hour a month to volunteer? 
Maybe it's time to volunteer that hour at Mile Hi.
We'll work with you to find the right team and connection that speaks to your heart. Training is provided for every team!

Please fill out the form below, and we will get back to you at our earliest available time.

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For more information about each team, see below.

  • Greeters and Ushers
      Greet congregants and assist as an usher during services.
  • Food Team
      Prep and serve food for receptions for Mile Hi Events and on-site Sunday at The Café.
  • Welcome and Guest Team
      Answer questions, welcome first time guests, contribution services.
  • Angels
      Serve on various projects and teams as needed on Sundays or during the week.
  • Spruce Up The Place
      Work with Facilities staff.
  • Education Team
      Assist in registering students and new members on-site for classes and workshops.
  • Retail Store
      Serve customers of the Works of Heart Store
  • Parking & Campus Guides
      Greet visitors and congregants outside.
  • Events Team
      Support Mile Hi Church events as greeters, ushers and on-line registration.

Positions are always available!

“Our Ministry of Service members are the backbone of our Mile Hi spiritual community! They do much more than tasks ... although all their tasks are super important to the effectiveness of our services and programs. More than anything, our MOS members spread love, spiritual energy and JOY! They see the face of God in all they service and activate the awareness of Spirit in all they do. They are all ANGELS!”

Dr. Roger Teel, Minister Emeritus