General Fund Campaign

“There’s a principle that as we give, so do we receive.” - Dr. Roger Teel 

Our general fund provides financial resources for our programs and ministries at Mile Hi Church. Nearly 72% of our revenue comes from contributions, and for that we are deeply grateful. This is the reason why we ask for support each spring to help grow the fund. Because of your generous contributions, many lives are touched here and we are able to focus our energies on our mission—to serve as a spiritual beacon for personal empowerment and global enlightenment.

If you are being called to contribute to the growth of our general fund, we encourage you to fill out the Card of Intent form here. Please indicate your total year planned contribution for the upcoming fiscal year.

Your financial gifts help support...


Answered yearly prayers

Millie Forsberg

“The whole world deserves to know what I know,” says Millie Forsberg, a retired nurse and ministerial student in the Holmes Institute School of Spiritual Leadership, Denver Region. “If I can help others to know they are expressions of the divine, this journey will be worth it.” Millie previously attended fundamental churches but admits, “I could never see throwing people to hell, so finding Mile Hi was deeply touching. There’s an energy here of love, acceptance and a beautiful place of belonging.” Millie participates in many Mile Hi projects that benefit the community, including The Giving Tree. “Years ago I remember receiving a gift that made a big difference to me and my children. Now I pay it forward and give back to God.”


Major speaker attendees

Jon Terry & Jonathan Schmugge

Jon Terry Schmugge connects to Mile Hi’s message of “continuous learning—including understanding the inter-connectedness of everything and everyone.” A lawyer/owner of a real estate firm, Jon is also a proud new dad with his husband, Jonathan Schmugge, COO/CFO of a private equity firm. “Our son, Lucas Xavier, is the biggest miracle we’ve ever witnessed. He’s happy, healthy, gorgeous and so loved by his dads.” Both men recently received profound gifts from Dr. Roger’s meditation retreat. Says Jon, “I attended to get my mindset attuned to the highest frequencies because I wanted to complete the draft of my first book and open my heart as much as possible to share my highest and best with our son. I accomplished both goals.”


Answered yearly prayers

Jenny, Craig & Cayden Grush

“Cayden is growing up in a place that is magical,” says Jenny Grush. She and her husband Craig, an engineer, jokingly call themselves ‘Jenny-Craig’ after the weight loss founder. They were the first parents to enroll their son in Mile Hi’s Children’s Enrichment Center where Jenny now works. Both enthusiastically believe in the teachings of Mile Hi and in particular the Law of Circulation. The Grushes tithe 10% of their income creating what they call “intentional prosperity” for personal goals, while also giving back to the community that has done so much to nurture their family, especially Cayden’s dreams on and off stage. “He has been loved by everyone since he was very young and he feels safe to express himself.””


Spiritual Students

Sean Butters

Sean Butters grew up at Mile Hi. His mom, Stacy is the assistant youth director. “I’ve learned that the power of my thoughts and intentions create my reality. Meeting similar-minded friends empower me to create a vision for my life,” he says, “and I feel I connect on a deeper level.” Besides serving at Mile Hi, Sean is an Eagle Scout, a scholar and a year-round swimmer. But it is the teen service projects that have been among his most memorable activities, including volunteer work at a mission that supports impoverished families in Mexico and painting classrooms at a school in Jamaica. This spring he graduates with honors from D’Evelyn High School and in the fall, he heads with great enthusiasm to CU-Boulder.


Youth Ministry participants

Bob Lambert

Korean War veteran, Bob Lambert has soaked up the teachings of Mile Hi since 1982. “This place changed my life.” Bob shares that he was “very negative” when he first came here. “I grew up in a very strict home and faith. I was in disbelief that there was a place like this, but I began to take in the message of being ‘open at the top,’ expanded my thinking and things started to change!” Bob joins others who proclaim, “I knew I had come home.” At 85, Bob is retiring after 60 years as a self employed tax accountant and a stint as an insurance examiner. “I have learned from Mile Hi that kindness and gratitude bring many blessings!”


Habitat and Hurricane Disaster Relief

Bill Mosher & Molly Broeren

Union Station developer, Bill Mosher grew up spiritual “but not religious.” Small business entrepreneur, Molly Broeren grew up “religious” attending Catholic schools. Prior to marrying, they wanted to find a church home that worked for both of them. Mile Hi was the answer. They were instantly drawn to the music and the “profound” message of oneness and inclusivity. Mile Hi has helped them ever since through joyous and difficult times. “My spiritual community gives me permission to be who I am,” says Molly. Bill adds, “I have learned through our teachings to be more reflective.” They both agree that attending the Sunday service is a great way to start their week. In addition to Mile Hi, they devote time and resources to support Judi’s House and Children’s Hospital.