Compassionate Communication

with Rev. Simon Shadowlight

Monday evenings

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Rev. Simon Shadowlight

Mon., March 18 – April 15
6:30 – 9 p.m.
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Compassionate Communication

with Rev. Simon Shadowlight

About the Workshop

How often do you read or hear something and feel an emotional trigger?

When was the last time you found yourself in an escalating conversation with someone you care about?

Our words are very powerful. The words we use and the ways in which we use them can either add to life, encouraging compassion, understanding and collaboration, or they can foster anger, depression and shame. This is equally true whether our conversation is with another or with our self.

Compassionate Communication is based on the Nonviolent Communication method of Marshall Rosenberg, Ph.D. More than a communication method, it is an approach to nonviolent living which has a wide range of applications as a spiritual practice, a way of parenting, a tool for social change, a mediation tool, an educational approach and a worldview.

This course is about connection. It’s about connecting with others and our self, not out of fear of punishment or hope for reward; not out of guilt or shame; not out of trying to prove wrong or right, but of the desire to add to life both for ourselves and others.

During this five-week course, you will have the opportunity to learn about and practice the following:

  • The difference between seeing the world as it is and seeing the world as we are. 
  • The ways in which your thinking—your interpretations, judgments and stories—shapes your perceptions and experience of life.
  • An effective language for expressing your needs and feelings.
  • How to distinguish between what you need versus your strategy for meeting those needs.
  • A process for expressing your needs and making requests in ways that don’t sound demanding or critical.
  • Listening with empathy—both to yourself and others. 
  • The tools and skills required to live in our natural state of compassion when no violence is present in the mind or in the heart.


Mon., March 18, 25, April 1, 8 and 15, 6:30 – 9 p.m., $125