Lynne McTaggart - The Power of Eight, 9/29
14 September 2017

Lynne McTaggart - The Power of Eight, 9/29

I am so excited about Lynne McTaggart speaking at Mile Hi Church this month.  She is foremost a translator of frontier science on how we can live differently and heal based on new consciousness research. I’ve been following her since 2010, and this year I got to work with her.

Two weeks ago, Lynne met with eight of us from Mile Hi Church for a magical, experiential session of her Power of Eight intention process.  It was magical.

Briefly, we each shared a health challenge or change that we wanted in our life.  One person volunteered to be the “Receiver”, while the remainder of us were “Senders.”  Lynne took us through a “powering up” process that included breath exercises and visualization.  We then sent the intention for healing to our “Target” person who simply opened to receive.

This is where the truly amazing part comes in.  Not only did the “receiver” experience a shift but we, the “senders”, also received experiences of intense energy and healings of body or circumstance.   With this type of focused group intention there is a profound mirror effect.

Testimonials from people who participated in the "Power of Eight" groups with Lynne.


Here is the best news: Lynne McTaggart is speaking at Mile Hi Church this month!! Everyone who attends her September 29 talk will get to experience the Power of Eight. 

Date:  September 29

Time:  7 PM

Place:  Sanctuary at Mile Hi Church

Cost:  $30 (purchase tickets here: https://goo.gl/8mt9Y7)

Lynne will speak about her remarkable findings from ten years of experimenting with small and large groups about how group intention can heal our lives – and change the world for the better. 

We will learn and experience the most reliable exercises for "powering up" our thoughts through visualization, focus, and surrender to the greater universal energy that is the true agent of manifesting our intentions.

Her newest book, The Power of Eight, is being released just days prior to the event. It will be available that evening.

If you are not familiar with her work, Lynne McTaggart is a best-selling author, researcher and lecturer whose work has rightly been described as "a bridge between science and spirituality.” She has appeared on many national TV and radio shows, including Oprah Winfrey, Deepak Chopra shows. She was featured in the movies What the Bleep!,  I AM, and The Living Matrix: The New Science of Healing which  I use in my healing workshop.

Her earlier best selling books include: The Field, The Intention Experiment, and The Bond.

- Rev. Kay Johnson, Mile Hi Church Healing Ministry

Find Rev. Kay and her Healing Ministry on Facebook on her Mind Body Spirit Mastery page.

Below is a segment of our recent Zoom interview with Lynne McTaggart.



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