Tools for Transformation Vlog Pt. 4 - Cutting Ties
28 July 2017

Tools for Transformation Vlog Pt. 4 - Cutting Ties


"Hi this is Dr. Michelle Medrano with another vlog on Tools for Transformation. My message on Sunday, July 23rd--I talked about, in my final point, the very first tool that we use. So once we've looked honestly at this area that we want to transform and looked at the way we are about it, then we create a compelling, powerful vision that we begin to look at every day, ideally morning and night, and then we start using come of the tools to cut away and change and transform our consciousness. That's what we're going to continue with.

The first tool then that I brought out in that regard was a saw, and suggested that it was important that we cut ties. Cutting ties has to do with cutting out our willingness to give conscious energy to ideas and energies that have not supported us in manifesting the transformation that we want to make. It has to do with cutting away at resentment, it has to do with cutting away at stories of victimhood and failure. It has to do with cutting ties sometimes with habits of mind, habits of action, and people who don't support us.

Now cutting ties with people that we need to forgive or cutting ties with people who don't support us in our vision doesn't necessarily mean that we have to cut them out of our lives and never see them again, it just might mean that we have some greater boundaries with them. It might mean that we don't share our excited plans for transforming ourselves necessarily and be as forthcoming as we might to those who we know are going to question us or who, for whatever reason--their own fear or their own issues--can't support us. Even forgiveness has with it an element of, forgiving doesn't necessarily mean we always have to cut out the person in our life who we're forgiving. Sometimes that's appropriate; sometimes a part of our healing journey is to cut away certain relationships and step away from certain relationships. But forgiveness can be done in a sphere of love and acceptance right within a relationship with someone that you live with or that you see frequently.

Because forgiveness is an inside job, and forgiveness is all about our ability to claim for ourselves a release from the energies of the past. It's not an accident that in most faith traditions in the world forgiveness is one of the practices that is spoken about frequently, because forgiveness is powerful. It's a powerful gift that we give ourselves, and often our unforgiveness is holding us in a space of an inability to move forward. Because as long as we're not forgiving, as long as we're hanging onto resentments and the past, we're stuck in the past. Transformation happens in the now moment and then builds a consciousness that propels us forward, that has some energy and momentum. Whereas, when we're stuck in the past with old stories, old resentments, we have an inability to feel the momentum to move forward.

So it behooves us, as well as those we might be forgiving, to let go. It behooves us to let go of our stories and move forward. It behooves us to forgive ourselves and to step beyond our stories of lack and limitation and move forward. Forgiveness compels us forward. And transformation, then, is the wave that we get to ride. So cut ties this week. Think about who, what, ideas--it's time to let go of. And let's get about letting them go. Thanks a lot."

-Dr. Michelle Medrano


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