Tools for Transformation Vlog Pt. 3 - What it Feels Like
27 July 2017

Tools for Transformation Vlog Pt. 3 - What it Feels Like


"Hi this is Dr. Michelle talking to you today about Tools for Transformation. I want to discuss once we've decided where we're going to transform, and we've taken a little look at it, and looked at it honestly--then we begin to vision and consider what does it look like when we're transformed. And so this is the part that I love, where we get to imagine ourself in the future, as the transformed self and describe for ourselves what it's like to be there. And so we literally project ourselves into that place where the transformation is complete, we've done it, we feel complete with it, we feel like it's the way we want it, exactly, and we're so excited and happy because we've fulfilled this transformation.

And so this is where we are encouraging you to write it down. To write it down. What will it look like? What will it feel like? Who am I being? What am I doing? How am I acting? Who am I with? That sort of thing, and so it's important that, in this step of the journey, to really choose ideas and concepts and images that mean a lot to you. And so certain words will resonate with you and certain words won't.

I'm going to go back to the area of abundance. I remember facilitating a group years ago in Arizona that was a business group. And they wanted to have financially abundant businesses. And so we were crafting a vision statement with them about how that could be. I was facilitating them in the process. And we got into this really interesting debate about the words "opulence" and "abundance". And some people thought opulence was too snooty, they didn't like it at all, they felt like it was a disgusting kind of word that was an unnecessary realm of riches. And so the other people who loved the word opulence, for them it made them feel rich and abundant and joy-filled. And so we had this debate and we could not come to terms with it so we had to set the word opulence aside, because it was a group effort.

But I'm telling you this to illustrate that, in our journey, we have to pick words that are meaningful to us, we have to pick images that are meaningful to us. So we have to really feel into things like that. Does the word abundance work for me? Is it financial wellness or or financial abundance? Is it financial support? Is it financial joy? Is it joy or happiness? Is it light or is it easy? Is it grace-filled? And to really describe for ourselves so that we can read something every day so that when we read it we say, "Yeah!" Yeah, we feel the rising energy of the joyous spiritual anticipation of the good that we're describing to ourselves and allowing our whole mind and consciousness to embrace and experience.

So I encourage you: write it down! And write it well. Now, don't get caught up in, "Oh if I write it down I can never change it!" It's yours, you can change it. If you're driving down the road and you think of something good to add to it, then add it! It's OK, it's not written in stone. It's written in the heart, and we can write it for ourselves in a way that's meaningful. So write it down.

I look forward to hearing some of the transformations that people are up to. Thanks for listening.”

-Dr. Michelle Medrano


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