Tools for Transformation Vlog Pt. 2 - How to Start
24 July 2017

Tools for Transformation Vlog Pt. 2 - How to Start



"Hi, this is Dr. Michelle Medrano. I just finished my first message yesterday in my Tools for Transformation series and I would like to produce a number of vlogs--video blogs--to dive a little deeper into some of the topics that we discussed. It's a wonderful opportunity on Sunday mornings to give a 25/30 minute talk and cover a number of topics, but I know that for those of us that are really hungry to work with these principles it can help to have a little additional conversation.

And so today I want to talk about how to choose the area that you might like to experience that transformation. I suggested in my first message yesterday--and by the way you can watch that message on our website at www.milehichurch.org, and that is hi spelled "HI" and you just go to the "Watch Online" tab and you can watch the entire message there. And so if you'd like to do that, that would be great. And if you didn't get a chance to watch that message, or if you prefer to just stick with these vlogs, that's fine too. You can pick up the information and the details that I'm going to share.

So yesterday I asked people to choose one area to work with, especially over the next few weeks. One area. What I suggest happens is that as we encounter these principles and these teachings, we can get really excited about the possibility of applying them to every area that we're ready to transform. And while that's wonderful and powerful, what I have found in working with students over the many years that I have had a chance to do that, is that it helps a little more to start with one particular area and really apply oneself powerfully and conscientiously to that area to effect change.

And there's a couple of reasons for this. Number one, when we are desperately wanting to change in a lot of different areas in our life, sometimes the undercurrent energy in the creative process is desperation--is almost a lack of faith or an overwhelm, and that goes with us into the creative process, and is produced as part of the result. And so when we are calmly, clearly aware that these principles can be used in every area of our life and we're just consciously choosing to apply them to this one area at first, and experiment, and see how it works, and see what tools work for us, and what approaches are more powerful for us, or feel best for us, and watch the journey unfold, and feel those successes--we tend to build confidence and we tend to build faith.

So the key to what I'm suggesting is to look around at life and really think about, what's an area that I would really like to transform? I'd like to suggest that in the comments here, for this vlog, you consider writing in and letting us know what are the areas that you're going to work on so that we can all stand together as a community in transforming and supporting each other moving forward--powerfully and magnificently.

So we look forward to hearing from you! Thanks so much for tuning in. I'll be producing another vlog shortly."


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