Day 34: The Practice of Wisdom
04 July 2017

Day 34: The Practice of Wisdom


"With spiritual maturity the basis of these practices shifts away from ambition, idealism and desire for self-transformation. … We are no longer striving after a spiritual destination, grasping for another world different from the one we have. We are home. And being home, we sweep the floor, make nourishing meals and care for our guests."

~ Jack Kornfield, After the Ecstasy, the Laundry



So here we are at the end of our 34-days. If you followed the whole way through, congratulations. I hope it was a worthwhile investment of your time.


This was an interesting series for me--I certainly lived it. Many highs and some deep valleys. And through it all, an opportunity to be present and an opportunity to engage in the practice.


Allow me to say one final thing about daily practice. Yes, there are practices you can (and should) engage in every day--practices to bring you to center; practices to increase your ability to concentrate; and practices to increase your intuitive receptivity. You can read, dance, chant, laugh, meditate, walk, etc. all as a form of practice.


But at a deeper level, there really is no practice. Practice (to me at least) implies training or getting ready for something--some future "performance." The truth is, the moment is happening right now--life is happening right now. We do not "practice" for life; we simply live. We are engaged in the dance of doing and being.


May you truly find joy in the all of it.


Peace, blessings and joy.



On this final day of this series, it's appropriate that you make the call. What will you do today to move forward on the path of the awakening heart? Are you--in this very moment--dancing for joy?


If you're not, what's standing in your way? If you are, then there is nothing left to say.


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